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For a company to work, teamwork and trust study of the metrics are essential. We bring together a team of professionals who have been working in the industry.


Executive team is unified in their commitment to promoting and adhering to the principles of transparency and prudent investment practices in the management.


Working directly with partners – including private and public companies, banks, governments, pension funds and other sources and managers of capital.


Our people have the local knowledge, expertise and language skills you need to make a success of operating in an unfamiliar territory or across borders. 


Who are we

In Oakland we help our clients invest and operate safely around the world, bringing levels of governance and quality assurance that inspire trust and confidence. We provide the administrative services they need to run legal entities compliantly and efficiently, including incorporation and fiduciary oversight, regulatory, accounting and tax filings, employee administration and payroll. 

& Vision

At Oakland, we are focused on the business entity. We combine specialized commercial lending products offering flexibility and customization. This platform aids underachieving businesses with a proven financial solution for their success. We offer informative, intercontinental advice and strategies tailored to help grow a clients' operation. We work with the client to create a loan scenario based on their needs, budgets and repayment timelines. We take care of the details so the client can concentrate on their business development. Our mission ir to prosper when our clients succeed! This creates a long lasting partnership for ongoing growth and stability.


Accounting and Tax Services
Administration of assets and heritage
Financial Advisory
Fund Services
Legal Advice
Audit and Assurance
Risk Management
Cash and Risk parity
Consulting on mergers and acquisitions
How it works
Chris Tyrel, Lawyer.

"Thanks to you my business is really starting to grow"

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260 Newport Center Dr STE 100 Newport Beach CA 92660


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